Code of Conduct

  1. Confidentiality.
    Part of what makes mentoring and support groups effective is the creation of a “safe space” for the members to try out different ideas and share concerns. If this safe space is violated, perhaps by members sharing personal information with others, the entire safe space including relationships will be undermined and not likely to recover. GAP Members must adhere to a confidentiality agreement when it comes to personal information provided by other members.
  2. Integrity.
    At its essence, integrity is about doing what one says they are going to do. An integrity clause makes it clear that members are expected to show up to their meetings as planned, generally be available for communication, and follow through on other commitments they made related to GAP. 
  3. Boundaries.
    Relationships are based on “chemistry” between the members, and it’s natural for a friendship to develop or deepen over time. However, Regarding GAP sponsored Mentorship Program where a mentor and mentee have officially agreed to be paired; there is a strict rule: Professional boundaries must be maintained throughout the entire mentoring program between mentor and mentee. Because of the power differential, mentors should be especially cognizant of these boundaries.  
  4. Respect.
    If one of the goals of GAP is to increase diversity in the organization, it’s likely that members will come from different backgrounds. In these situations, demonstrating respect for others is especially important. Communication should be professional, and not be obscene or offensive.  Members should approach situations with sensitivity, and listen while withholding judgment. 
  5. Personal Limitation.
    While members can provide insight and a different perspective for others, Members should know their area of expertise and limit themselves accordingly. It’s generally frowned upon for members to give direct advice to others, and it’s particularly verboten for the mentor to give medical, therapeutic or legal advice to the mentee when they aren’t certified to do so.
  6. A duty to report conduct violations.
    Every member has a responsibility to report any ethical breaches or conduct violations to ensure all GAP members adhere to high professional and ethical standards. You should report violations your GAP event organizer.